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PRT Smart Advisory Service Overview

White Paper: PRT Solutions: Adding Guarantees to the DB Fixed Income Conversation

What is Pension Risk Transfer? Pension Risk Transfer (aka PRT) involves the use of institutional annuity products to reduce and/or eliminate pension risks.

Which pension plans are good candidates for further exploring Pension Risk Transfer? Frozen pension plan sponsors who are interested in exit planning; how to best wind down their pension plan program.

What types of insured structures are available? There are a variety of available structures which can be customized to meet specific sponsor objectives.

How well funded do I need to be to use an insured Pension Risk Transfer product? Pension Risk Transfer Products are a suitable option for most pension plan’s regardless of their current funding level.

Is Pension Risk Transfer part of what I get from my current advisors? The core services provided by most actuaries and investment advisors do not include insurance based PRT solutions. Furthermore, many consultants may have limited experience working with insured pension products.

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