Retiree Medical - The Solution

Dietrich & Associates has co-developed, with a leading third party administration firm, a cost efficient solution for the future funding and administration of retiree medical benefits.

Our turnkey approach for retiree medical plan called Secured Care, utilizes a Voluntary Employee Beneficial Association (VEBA) as the successor sponsoring entity for future retiree medical benefits in conjunction with a:

  • Specially designed terminal funding contract that guarantees the payment of the employer funded medical subsidy for the life of the retiree and spouse.
  • Fully insured group medical coverage plan, including prescription drug coverage which is available on a nationwide basis.
  • Leading TPA firm specializing in retiree medical claims administration.

Funding options vary depending on the objectives of the plan sponsor but some, if utilized, will provide the employer with a full tax deduction for contributions made on behalf of retirees 65 and older and will eliminate the FAS 106 obligation relative to these retirees.

Have a specific question regarding a solution to your retiree medical? Ask, and we can help provide you with an answer.

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