About Dietrich & Associates


Experience in
Employee Benefit Plans since 1980
Representing the world’s largest &
most financially sound insurance
companies providing annuities
Thousands of successful annuity
placements for pension
terminations and settlements
Hundreds of thousands of participants' benefits
guaranteed through annuity contracts

Dietrich & Associates promotes the financial health and effectiveness of retirement plan sponsors, the plans they manage and the retirements they support through education, objective advice and access to institutional solutions. 

Established in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania in 1980, Dietrich & Associates has grown from a small business to the largest national independent advisory firm specializing in employee benefits.  Dietrich's expertise includes:

Institutional Advisory Services 

  • Pension Plan Terminations & Settlements (Pension Risk Transfer)
  • Pension Plan De-risking
  • Lump Sum Distributions (Partial Annuitization)
  • Non-Qualified Plans 
  • Retiree Medical Plans
  • (k)Annuity Plans

Annuity Placement Services

Offering unparalleled knowledge and expertise with employee benefit plans and the group annuity market including:

  • Fiduciary Compliance (DOL IB 95-1)
  • Comprehensive Market Coverage 
  • Reverse Auction Process
  • Timely, Efficient Execution 
  • Document Retention
  • Participant Resource



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